Who Is David Chua?

David Chua is asia's youngest and foremost authority when it comes to marketing both online and offline. He is an international speaker that has spoken in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, USA, Caribbean,Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and many more. He has shared the stage with Gary Vaynerchuck, Robert Kiyosaki, Blair Singer, Joel Bauer, Harv Eker and many other celebrities. David is also the bestselling author of "Go Digital" which is a print international bestseller and amazon top 10 bestseller.  

David is also a serial entrepreneur. He grew up in a three generation family business. At the age of 13, he started his own ventures, from selling sneakers, trading cards, starting a burgerstand, being in network marketing, and selling tshirts. It wasn't until the age 18, he realised his passion for entrepreneurship and decided it was time to get serious. He broke off from his family and went to start his own business without any proper guidance. In the beginning, David failed miserably at first, and after being frustrated with facing failure after failure. He decided to turn to and learn from the greatest minds on the planet in personal and business development.

David has trained with and been mentored by some of the world's greatest business minds like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Keith Cunningham, Gary Vee, Joel Bauer, Harv Eker, Blair Singer, Gerry Roberts, Peter Sage, Joel Neoh, Bryan Loo and countless others. Through his pursuit and obsession of learning only from the best of the best, he has discovered a system that empowered him not only to start his own successful business, he was also able to break records and make over 6 figures in less than a month. 

Now David is the director of Vertex Mastery Pte Ltd, Vertex Mastery Sdn Bhd, Vertex Media Group and he has also returned to his family business to take it to the next level as director of Kimgres Tiles (Ceramica Indah Sdn Bhd) a listed company with over 400 annual turnover. He also trains and conduct seminars and live events actively to shared his business and marketing acumen with entrepreneurs all around the world to help them shorten their 3-5 year learning curve, breaking the complexity of business into a simple proven success formula that many were able to achieve results with.

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