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International Bestselling Author. Global Speaker. Entrepreneur & Marketing Strategeist

David Chua is the foremost authority in asia on marketing and business growth. He is the international print and amazon bestselling author of his latest book "Go Digital", he also has authored the book "Raving Fans Customers" & "How To Sell To Anyone". He has been featured on ABC, CBS, FOX News, Sarawak Tribune, The Star, Capital TV and many others. David runs many of his own businesses, like Vertex Mastery - the leading online education and events company, Kimgres Tiles - a listed company with over 400million yearly turnover. David is also one of the youngest and most requested marketing speakers in the asia pacific region and his live seminar events continue to sell out to audiences from around the world.


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Rave Reviews

Joel Bauer, The Mentor's Mentor

"David will give you a bird's eye view of your business that no one else can. One strategy alone that he taught me, saved me over $40,000 in less than 7 days."

Les Brown, Motivational Speaker

"David has a heart of gold, He constantly works on himself and if you want to grow to the next level, there's no one I trust more than David Chua."



Featured Programs

Money Marketing Mastery

Master world-class marketing strategies designed to add additional profit streams to your business

Have you ever wanted to have clients banging on your door wanting to do business with you? Have you ever wanted to have endless leads flowing to your business, and have the ability to generate cashflow on demand? At money marketing mastery it's all about mastering the skill of magnetic marketing to attract clients to your business round the clock, 24/7.


Mastery Business Academy

Advanced business growth and marketing strategies to growth hack your business into a Fortune 500 company.

How do you take a startup to a multimillion dollar empire? How do you take a business that has plateaued and breathe new life into it again? How do you take a rapidly growing business and scale it even further and faster? Mastery Business Academy is designed to take your business to the next level, no matter where you are in the business lifecycle. At MBA, you will immerse yourself in how to build and own a Fortune 500 business.


Authority Empire 

Be the leading online and offline authority in your field or industry by monetizing what you know.

Have you ever wanted to make millions as an author, speaker, coach, seminar leader, online trainer or though leader? How did David Chua and the world's foremost experts, 'gurus', built their multimillion dollar authority empires? How do they position, promote and get paid for their advice, knowledge, wisdom often starting from scratch? Learn the step-by-step way on how to be an authority, both online and offline today.


Featured Books

Go Digital (International Print & Amazon Bestseller)

How you can build a profitable online business empire, selling almost anything you love, loving what you do!

Go Digital! is a book of treasure trove of information that lays out simple, proven and step by step ways that you can follow to get started on the internet and build the business of your dreams. Over 200 case studies, 300+ hours of careful online research was put into the creation of this book. GO Digital removes the 'noise' that you'll encounter if you were to compile all this information by yourself. It is a must read book for employees wanting to get out of their jobs or business owners who want to take their business online and grow it to the next level. 


Raving Fan Customers

Learn how to attract clients effortlessly and keep them coming back to you for life.

A straight to the point book and easy read book that empowers business owners on how they can create clients on demand and get customers to become your repeating buyers for life.

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